Best Cajon Drum: An In-Depth Buyers Guide

Best Cajons

You’ve probably seen more and more people playing the cajon in recent years and now you’re searching for the best cajon drum out there. In reality, it’s not too difficult to find one that works reasonably. But: If you think you want to be a bit more serious about it, you’ll probably want to do … Read more

Drumming Shoes: 4 factors to consider & the best options

“What are the Best Shoes for Drumming?” This question is often asked by beginners and intermediates alike on forums. And the answers to these questions usually fall in one of three categories: “It doesn’t matter, whatever works for you!” “NEVER wear shoes, play in socks or play barefoot!” “I live and die by THIS shoe!” … Read more

Best Overhead Drum Mics: 5 AMAZING Options

5 of the Best Overhead Drum Mics

It doesn’t matter if it’s a recording or live session, getting the best sound quality is super important right? Well in this article I’m going to cover five of the best overhead drum mics you can get today. As a bonus, I’ll also cover 3 MUST KNOW placement techniques and technical lingo to make sure … Read more

Best Earplugs for Musicians: 5 AWESOME Picks

Best Ear Plugs for Musicians

Hearing loss is a musician’s greatest fear. That’s why choosing the best earplugs is SO important when you’re a touring drummer or musician. The loud volumes and extremes of frequency at gigs and concerts put musicians at high risk of sustaining hearing damage and developing conditions like tinnitus. Unfortunately, being around loud noises is kind of our … Read more

Best Headphones for Drummers: BANGING sound without the price tag!

As drummers, protecting our hearing is imperative! But one of my favourite things to do when practising is to play along to music. So now have an issue… What’s the best way to listen to music while playing drums? Grabbing the best damn pair of headphones you can afford of course! Now, I should start by … Read more

Best MIDI Controller for FL Studio: A look at 5 options

Best MIDI Controllers for FL Studio

Are you trying to find the best MIDI controllers to use with FL Studio? Well, we’ve delved deep into researching the five best MIDI controllers that you can use with FL Studio. Everyone from newbies to professional use this recording software, and for good reason. It provides you with complete control and editing abilities to … Read more

Vocal Mics for under $500 – Choices for tighter budgets

Finding the best vocal mic for your specific needs is a big challenge – especially when you throw a tighter budget into the mix. However, I’ve done some research and come up with five of the best vocal mics that are available for under $500. I’ve sifted through the plethora of options and narrowed the … Read more

Best Amp for Electronic Drums: Get your kit sounding amazing!

Best Drum Amps

You could have the best electronic drum set in the world, but it won’t mean a thing without an equally good drum amp so you can sound your best, whether it’s at practice, or on the stage. In fact, one could argue that ‘the amp maketh the kit’ – a good amp can make even … Read more

How to read drum tabs: A quick 6 step guide for beginners

Drum notation is great to learn but can be a steep learning curve. This is where learning to read drum tabs becomes so useful. What are drum tabs? Drum tabs are a quick and convenient way of notating drum beats and patterns. They came into use in the late 90’s with the advent of the … Read more

Best Bookshelf Speakers under $200

Best Bookshelf Speakers Under $200

I think you’ll agree there’s no better way to relax after a long day at work, than by kicking back and drowning out your worries to your favourite songs, playing on an amazing pair of speakers. And at the moment, bookshelf speakers are all the rage. “What amazing speakers?”, I hear you ask. Well, to answer … Read more

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