Travis Barker’s Signature Sticks: 4 Great Alternatives!

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travis barker stick alternativesWhen I was younger, I used to exclusively play Travis Barker’s signature drumsticks for a few reasons:

  • They were longer than most
  • They had a good weight and thickness to them
  • The tip was a large ball/sphere tip
  • It had Travis Barker’s name on it… (sorry)

Like I mentioned, this was when I was pretty new to drumming but when I started playing in bands and touring, I started going through pairs of sticks like crazy and things became very pricey, very quickly.

So if you’re looking for alternatives to Travis Barker’s signature pair that could turn out cheaper, I’ve put together a table below of sticks that might do the job for you!

Pssst… If you’ve found anymore that need adding to the list, leave a comment below!

ModelManufacturerDiameter (inches)Length (inches)Tip shape
Travis Barker Artist SeriesZildjian0.595"16 3/8"Ball
Fatback 3AVater0.59"16"Rounded Barrel
Power 3AVater0.6"16 5/8"Rounded Barrel
Extreme 5AVic Firth0.565"16 1/2"Tear Drop
Ray LuzierVic Firth0.595"16 1/8"Oval

Feature image by Timothy Tsui

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