Best Powered PA Speakers

Best Powered PA Speakers

As any true musician knows your sound set-up is a critical component of any musical gathering, whether it be a party, gig, or large stage event. After all, the most impressive guitar solo or “beat drop” will miss its mark if the people in the back of the room can’t hear it. So, when it … Read more

Best Passive PA Speakers: 3 options to choose from

Best Passive PA Speakers

PA speakers are a must-have for a gig, a DJ set or any party. Choosing the best passive PA speakers can be tricky but it’s essential! Speakers are the heartbeat of any occasion that involves music. No matter how good the tunes, how nice the vibes, if the speakers aren’t top-notch, it’s sure to be … Read more

Best Studio Monitors under $200: HUGE sound for little prices!

Best Studio Monitors under $200

Searching for the best studio monitors you can afford can be exhausting! I’m sure you’ll agree that we all want our music to sound PERFECT, no matter how anyone is listening to it. Headphones, car stereo or laptop speakers… We want it sound as amazing as it can! This is why buying the best studio … Read more

Keep You Cymbals Safe! Our Best 5 Cymbal Bag Picks

You’ve just purchased the perfect set of cymbals to complete your perfect drum setup. As you place the cymbals in place, you’re in ecstasy. As your drumsticks caress the cool metal, you graduate to Nirvana. For a moment, life is perfect. That is, until, you begin to disassemble your masterpiece and, to your horror, realize … Read more

Best Drum Set for Kids: A foolproof guide for Parents

Being able to play an instrument is an amazing skill for anyone to learn. That’s why I’m passionate about encouraging kids to take up music. But say they want to play the drums, now it becomes tricky… as you need to research the best drum set for kids available right now. And it’s a minefield! … Read more

Best Drum Tuners: 4 Options for an Amazing Sounding Kit

As drummers, we’re precious about the sound of our kit. As such, the search for the best drum tuners is one that every drummer must undertake at one point or another. But, your search is over. I’ve written an easy to use post on 4 of the best drum tuners available this year, so you … Read more

Best Audio Interface under $200

Best Audio Interfaces Under $200

Whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional looking for a portable rig, choosing the best audio interface you can afford is incredibly important. Budget is often a factor when choosing music gear – no matter how much we don’t want it to be! In this post I’ll cover what you want to look for in … Read more

Roland TD-1KV Review: A GREAT kit for beginners & pros

Roland TD-1KV Review

The Ronald TD-1KV is a top quality electric drum kit which is highly recommended for beginners. It’s also perfectly suitable as a pro-practice kit (if you have the cash!) After you have set your eyes on this kit, you might think it is not worth your attention because it looks simple. However, you should not … Read more

Best In Ear Monitors for Drummers: 6 GREAT Options

So you’re looking for the best in ear monitors for drummers? It’s a common search for gigging drummers looking for the best way to hear their monitor mix, click and maybe even a backing track on stage. In this post I’ll run through: some info about IEMs why we need them as drummers and the … Read more

Best Condenser Mic Under $200/£200

Best Condenser Mic under $200

Condenser microphones are universally used for recording killer vocals. The problem is, they can be quite pricey. So when you have $200 bucks or less to spend on a condenser mic… which do you choose? In this post, I break down what you should be looking for when choosing the best condenser mic and our top … Read more

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