Drumming Shoes: 4 factors to consider & the best options

“What are the Best Shoes for Drumming?” This question is often asked by beginners and intermediates alike on forums. And the answers to these questions usually fall in one of three categories: “It doesn’t matter, whatever works for you!” “NEVER wear shoes, play in socks or play barefoot!” “I live and die by THIS shoe!” … Read more

Roland TD-1KV Review: A GREAT kit for beginners & pros

Roland TD-1KV Review

The Ronald TD-1KV is a top quality electric drum kit which is highly recommended for beginners. It’s also perfectly suitable as a pro-practice kit (if you have the cash!) After you have set your eyes on this kit, you might think it is not worth your attention because it looks simple. However, you should not … Read more

Best Budget Electronic Drum Kit: 5 Choices under $500


Electronic drum kits are great for beginners as they don’t take up a lot of space and don’t make anywhere near as much noise as a full kit. They’re usually a go-to choice for people learning as they are great to practise on, in-between lessons when you can’t play a full kit. They also make … Read more

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