Drumming Shoes: 4 factors to consider & the best options

“What are the Best Shoes for Drumming?” This question is often asked by beginners and intermediates alike on forums. And the answers to these questions usually fall in one of three categories: “It doesn’t matter, whatever works for you!” “NEVER wear shoes, play in socks or play barefoot!” “I live and die by THIS shoe!” … Read more

Best Earplugs for Musicians: 5 AWESOME Picks

Best Ear Plugs for Musicians

Hearing loss is a musician’s greatest fear. That’s why choosing the best earplugs is SO important when you’re a touring drummer or musician. The loud volumes and extremes of frequency at gigs and concerts put musicians at high risk of sustaining hearing damage and developing conditions like tinnitus. Unfortunately, being around loud noises is kind of our … Read more

Best Headphones for Drummers: BANGING sound without the price tag!

As drummers, protecting our hearing is imperative! But one of my favourite things to do when practising is to play along to music. So now have an issue… What’s the best way to listen to music while playing drums? Grabbing the best damn pair of headphones you can afford of course! Now, I should start by … Read more

Best Amp for Electronic Drums: Get your kit sounding amazing!

Best Drum Amps

You could have the best electronic drum set in the world, but it won’t mean a thing without an equally good drum amp so you can sound your best, whether it’s at practice, or on the stage. In fact, one could argue that ‘the amp maketh the kit’ – a good amp can make even … Read more

How to read drum tabs: A quick 6 step guide for beginners

Drum notation is great to learn but can be a steep learning curve. This is where learning to read drum tabs becomes so useful. What are drum tabs? Drum tabs are a quick and convenient way of notating drum beats and patterns. They came into use in the late 90’s with the advent of the … Read more

Keep You Cymbals Safe! Our Best 5 Cymbal Bag Picks

You’ve just purchased the perfect set of cymbals to complete your perfect drum setup. As you place the cymbals in place, you’re in ecstasy. As your drumsticks caress the cool metal, you graduate to Nirvana. For a moment, life is perfect. That is, until, you begin to disassemble your masterpiece and, to your horror, realize … Read more

Best Drum Set for Kids: A foolproof guide for Parents

Being able to play an instrument is an amazing skill for anyone to learn. That’s why I’m passionate about encouraging kids to take up music. But say they want to play the drums, now it becomes tricky… as you need to research the best drum set for kids available right now. And it’s a minefield! … Read more

Best Drum Tuners: 4 Options for an Amazing Sounding Kit

As drummers, we’re precious about the sound of our kit. As such, the search for the best drum tuners is one that every drummer must undertake at one point or another. But, your search is over. I’ve written an easy to use post on 4 of the best drum tuners available this year, so you … Read more

Roland TD-1KV Review: A GREAT kit for beginners & pros

Roland TD-1KV Review

The Ronald TD-1KV is a top quality electric drum kit which is highly recommended for beginners. It’s also perfectly suitable as a pro-practice kit (if you have the cash!) After you have set your eyes on this kit, you might think it is not worth your attention because it looks simple. However, you should not … Read more

Best In Ear Monitors for Drummers: 6 GREAT Options

So you’re looking for the best in ear monitors for drummers? It’s a common search for gigging drummers looking for the best way to hear their monitor mix, click and maybe even a backing track on stage. In this post I’ll run through: some info about IEMs why we need them as drummers and the … Read more

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